She walks into the room and everything stops. The preacher’s voice suddenly fades to nothing as everyone in the congregation stares at her. Scars all over her body, she is bruised beyond recognition. You can tell she isn't the churchy type. She walks in slowly and makes her way towards the front row. She doesn't... Continue Reading →

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Jacob’s Emotions ‘2’

Isaac, her husband was old, and his eyes were dim, such that he could not see. He however was quite acquainted with the voices of his sons and more importantly the distinguishing scents and feels of their skins. His heart’s desire notwithstanding, was to bestow the most favorable blessings upon his eldest son, Esau. He... Continue Reading →

‘Jacob’s Emotions’ (The Phoenix)

Surrounded by those who would aid the birth of the children within her, she pushed. Words of encouragement from the midwives, the desire to be done with the inconvenience and the thought of two innocents coming into the world through her; the atmosphere was clouded with mixed feelings. And then something happened. The innocent; he... Continue Reading →

‘Fire and Rain’

Dressed in velvet, she was the most naïve little princess. Simple she was and so she loved to dance in the rain. To run around and listen as the water splashed, the thunder roared and to feel it’s cold showers upon her face. It was all roses and velvets and lilies in her field. All... Continue Reading →

All Things New

You turn darkness into light Weakness into might Fright into boldness Brokenness into wholeness You make all things new With you I have Blessings, never few Beauty birthed from doom My heart you’ve made to bloom. Your glory fills my room So I’ll tell the story The story of how you stood Stood for me... Continue Reading →


As with Adam you commune with me In the cool of the day you dine with me A table like David’s you prepare before me As I like Martha sit at your feet A well in me you cause to rise Like the little girl, you bid me rise Like the woman at the well... Continue Reading →

A New ‘Past’

Life they say is in phases A new chapter opens as another closes But as it closes what becomes of its roses? The beauty it provided The glamour we accepted The heights we have ascended Thanks to the chapter that’s now ended Caught in a web of Denial, Living on the glory of the former... Continue Reading →


Hello everybody. I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’ve missed blogging too. But the good news is I’m back now. So what have I been up to? Well I’d say I’ve been out gathering experiences. Lol. Some amazing and some not so amazing. So on this particular post I’ll be sharing a few... Continue Reading →

King over the broken

King over the broken You are open With arms wide open You accept the broken You charge no token You receive the forsaken In them you awaken You, you awaken Beauty for ashes You’ve taken the lashes Oh comforter in hardship Our trials your peace surpasses Giving rest as each day passes In your arms... Continue Reading →


Ageless, changeless, relentless healer Soaring through time to become my redeemer Restorer, deliverer, Betrayed, yet never a betrayer Healer, upholder, keeper Yes keeper of my sanity My sanctity, you are my sanity Where others see insanity You are my approval, my appraisal My proposal to all who would enter You make me better In my... Continue Reading →

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