Dear Dancer,

Dear Dancer, We all have an audience. What tune are you dancing to? Life is like a stage. You are a link. A link between a tune and the audience you are presented with. What tune are you dancing to? He dances to rejection. He links his audience to oppression. She dances to oppression. She... Continue Reading →

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She walks into the room and everything stops. The preacher’s voice suddenly fades to nothing as everyone in the congregation stares at her. Scars all over her body, she is bruised beyond recognition. You can tell she isn't the churchy type. She walks in slowly and makes her way towards the front row. She doesn't... Continue Reading →

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‘Relentless Shepherd’ (5)

HE RESTORES MY SOUL: After making us lie down in green pastures and leading us beside still waters, the next thing we see God focus on is our souls. “He restores my soul”. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3John 1:2) This... Continue Reading →


So these bones will live And these bones He will not leave For He said to me He cleaves Yes His words I do believe Rivers in the desert He doth create Showers from heaven my heart relates Rain down till bones be clones Oh! Pour out till clones be roses Roses to beautify the... Continue Reading →

‘Relentless Shepherd’ (4)

Hallo there, it’s me again and we’re not done with psalm 23 so yup! On to the next line. HE LEADS ME BESIDE STILL WATERS: Maan I could type a million words when it comes to this line but fear not. I’ll try to make this one as brief as possible. Ever found yourself in... Continue Reading →

‘The Trinity’

There is a Trinity A Trinity of unity A Spirit of liberty Provided in such an entity An entity that lives An entity that breathes This entity grants us peace By His Spirit we now see See, for once I was blind Sing for I have His mind Kindly indeed He drew me Until with... Continue Reading →

‘Relentless Shepherd’ (3)

HE MAKES ME LIE DOWN IN GREEN PASTURES: Alright! On to the next line. He makes me lie down in green pastures. This particular line puts me in order over and over again whenever I begin to get in over my head. Hard as it is one important character that God wants us to possess... Continue Reading →

A word of encouragement for the weary. Know that the Lord, He is God, He that keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. His eye is on the sparrow and beyond every shadow of doubt you should know that He watches over you. He has promised to never leave nor forsake you. There's always a testimony... Continue Reading →

‘Saved by Grace’

‘thought I knew I didn’t ‘thought I saw I couldn’t I went and did go To a place I did not know Sinking as low as I could go Thinking how high I could blow But that which I thought did glow Turned back to bid me woe By then I had no bones The... Continue Reading →

‘Relentless Shepherd’ (2)

I SHALL NOT WANT: I find the words “I shall not want” quite interesting because David having stated clearly that the Lord was his shepherd meaning that the lord currently took care of him, didn’t just stop at the present. Confident that the Lord is a good shepherd, David went on to talk about the... Continue Reading →

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